Beyond the Thunderdome

Our post-apocalyptic celebration ‘Beyond the Thunderdome’ unfolded deep in the tunnels and vaults of London’s Waterloo in March 2014. While many of our events conjure up the splendour of bygone eras, this unique occasion looked forward to the future and imagined a rather different world to the one we live in today. The premise: the end of the world is nigh, so lose your inhibitions one last time and party like there’s literally no tomorrow.

We envisaged this Mad Max-esque immersive and pervasive adventure as a party for the most bold and daring of party-goers, and we weren’t disappointed by the audaciousness of our guest list. As always, our Winterwellian guests really went to town on the dress code, which was ‘Post-Apocalyptic / Steampunk / The Future’, creating a bizarrely futuristic spectacle.

Music was integral to creating the surreal atmosphere, and Winterwell’s DJs kept the party going into the small hours, playing music to satisfy all manner of musical tastes, from House and Electro to Swing and Rockabilly. The stellar line-up included Bad Zuke, Jimmy V, the Milky Bar Kid, Triptych, Barnaby Lewis and TomMacTom, while Gypsy Disco added their own brand of weird and wonderful cabaret to the proceedings.

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