Winterwell Halloween 2013

Winterwell’s 2013 Halloween party took the best bits of Winterwell festivals and put a whole new spin on them, proving that there’s more to Winterwell than garden parties and summer fun. The suitably spooky theme was “Voodoo and Black Magic” and the tricks and treats unfolded on Saturday 26 October at Loft Studios in Kensal Green – an exclusive venue in London that proved the perfect setting for some thrilling goings-on, Winterwell style.

True to form, our debonair Winterwellian crowd knocked it out of the park when it came to their costumes, with party-goers turning up dressed as zombies, skeletons, nurses and everything in between. Showing the world that nobody does Halloween like Winterwell does Halloween, their brilliant outfits were, of course, topped off with some seriously impressive facepaint and make-up worthy of a special effects department, well and truly completing the gory Halloween look.

This motley crew of cunningly disguised Winterwellians was entertained late into the night by sensational sets from Norman Jay, The Correspondents, Boom Brothers and many more, but arguably the most memorable part of the evening was some frighteningly immersive voodoo rituals – for those who dared to take part…

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