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We started as we meant to go on

Now in its ninth glorious year, the colourful adventure that is Winterwell started life back in 2006 out of a love for eccentric English festivals. The first ever Winterwell set the tone for the exploits we’re now known and loved for; we don’t mind telling you that it was one great big flight of fancy. We let our imaginations run riot and put on our idea of what a festival should be like: quirky, friendly, non-commercial. Our mantra was “create the best party we possibly can”, and that’s a motto we continue to live by.

What started as a small, invitation-only festival set in the rural idyll of the rolling Gloucestershire countryside soon flourished into much more than a summer festival, with events taking place throughout the year and drawing in audacious guests from far and wide on all manner of splendid adventures. From flamboyant London parties to country house escapades, Winterwell has become a delightfully eccentric fixture on the festival scene.

Distinguished company…

A proud moment in our history came as we became known for our spectacular garden parties at Oxfordshire’s Aynhoe Park, an immersive experience with more than a hint of decadence. Featuring in such publications as Tatler and Vanity Fair, rumour has it that we’ve even had a Downton Abbey cast member among our party-goers.

Distinctively Winterwellian

It hasn’t taken long for “Winterwellian” to become an adjective to describe the fun-loving yet intellectually curious adventurers who now join us each year. A love of fine dining, storytelling and the arts have all come to exemplify what it means to be a Winterwellian – and so has the determination to have a ruddy good time!

We’re proud to give a stage to talented up-and-coming bands and the finest DJs in the land, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, music is only part of the story at Winterwell. We’ve developed our own hallmark features that Winterwell veterans have come to expect from us, from such civilised lawn games as cricket, croquet and bowls, to sumptuous banquets and life drawing classes. You’ll also spot our Hollywood-style freestanding white letters in the background of many of our photos – they’re our trademark, and Winterwell just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Join us as the magic unfolds

So, from its relatively humble beginnings, Winterwell has gone from strength to wonderful strength, picking up a reputation for whimsical occasions that transport guests to a spellbinding world of laughter and luxury.

The Winterwell story now continues at Yarnton Manor, a stunning Jacobean mansion near Oxford, where this year festival-goers will be welcomed as our esteemed guests for a day and night of 60s-style revelry as we evoke the summer of 1967.

Be a part of something extraordinary and join us as the magic unfolds before your very eyes.